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noun: connector; plural noun: connectors

  1. a thing which links two or more things together.

At Village Church you are so much more than a volunteer, you are a connector!


We believe that we were all called to be connected into Jesus and help others become connected into him as well. By becoming a connector you can be a part of this link that our city so desperately needs.


Are you gifted in singing or playing an instrument? Do you want to use those gifts to bring people into a deeper relationship with God? If so, then VCWorship is the place for you!

Click below to schedule an audition.

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Do you have a desire to know the Bible more? Then Connect Group is the place for you! We offer semester Bible Studies where we go through a book of the Bible together. This is a great place for you to connect with others while connecting with God's word.


VC TRIBES are the lifeline to community! Our connect groups meet twice a month to do life together and grow in the knowledge of the Bible. Nobody should have to do life alone so at Village, there is a group for everyone!

Join Today!

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