Village Church is a community of authentic believers who value loving God and others above all else. We are the perfect place for imperfect people. We realize that we all fall short of God’s standards daily, so we don’t pretend to be perfect. We talk about real life issues and how the word of God applies to those issues. Our hope is that nobody has to do life alone. We are a community that wants to do life with you and help you through life’s toughest moments! If you’re looking for this type of community around you, come check us out!


Pastor John Michael & Brittany Gibson

Welcome! My name is John Michael Gibson, and my wife, Brittany, and I moved from South Carolina to start Village Church in Cutler Bay. We are a brand new church and we live by Jesus’ command to love God and love our neighbors above all else. Most of all, we are real and authentic. We strive to create a place of community for all of those around us. Our mission is to see the world changed one life at a time but we cannot do this alone. It truly takes a village!


I hope to meet you soon!

John Michael Gibson

Lead Pastor



  1. At Village Church, we believe that Jesus is the son of God, and He came to Earth to live a perfect life and die on the cross for our sins. We believe Jesus is the only way to salvation.

  2. We believe in the TRINITY: God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit

  3. Once an individual accepts Jesus as their Lord and Savior, we believe BAPTISM is the next step. Baptism is an outer expression of the transformation Jesus has completed in one’s heart.

  4. Above all else, we believe we are to LOVE GOD FIRST and LOVE OTHERS.

  5. We believe the BIBLE is the final authority in determining truth.

  6. At Village Church we believe in ACCEPTING ALL PEOPLE for who they are, walking alongside them, and allowing God to transform them from the inside out. All are welcome!


“There are Seven Pillars of Village Church that represent the foundation of the Church, which is Jesus Christ.”


VICTORY –  We believe that we do not have to fight for victory but we fight from victory. At Village Church we serve because we are Victorious in Christ Jesus. Therefore, when we serve, we serve out of a place of Victory in our hearts knowing that the battle is won.

INTEGRITY – We believe what you do behind the scenes is as equally important as what you do in front of the crowds. At Village Church we believe in serving and living with integrity. We will be the same Monday-Saturday as we are on Sunday!

LOVE​ – We believe that God himself is the very essence of love. If you have a relationship with God through His Son Jesus, then you should love like Him. At Village Church we will serve out of love for our Saviour and love for our Neighbour. There is nothing more important than love.

LEADERSHIP​ – We believe that strong leadership is essential for being able to grow in Christ. At Village Church we are committed to continuous growth so that we may continue to lead and develop other leaders. The best leaders are the best learners.

ACCEPTANCE ​– We believe that God accepts all people no matter your past, present, or future circumstances. At Village Church your past, present, or future does not scare us. All people are accepted all the time.


GENEROSITY – We believe that God is clear in his word about tithing to the church so that the ministry of God can be accomplished. At Village Church we believe in giving back to God generously, holding nothing back, so that we can use what is given to help change the world.


EXCELLENCE – We believe that God wants our very best all the time. At Village Church are committed to doing our best with the time God has given us to love, serve, and help change the community around us. We may not be perfect but we will always strive for excellence in our church and in our lives.