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Being labeled a Christian and truly following Jesus are two different things. We don’t want you to follow rules and regulations, we want you to experience a full life in Jesus Christ. In this series we walk through what it means to truly be following Jesus, from the way we live, to the things we can expect along the way!

1. Click to Follow Jesus

John Michael Gibson | April 19, 2020

4. What's Wrong with Me

John Michael Gibson | May 10, 2020

2. Love Like Jesus

Mitch Caton | April 26, 2020

5. Under Attack

John Michael Gibson | May 17, 2020

3. Forgive like Jesus

Scott Tabor | May 3, 2020

6. The Color of Heaven

John Michael Gibson | May 24, 2020

7. With Jesus in the Boat

John Michael Gibson | May 31, 2020

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